Hot Wheels World Race Cheat Codes (Gamecube)

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One of my son’s favorite games of all time is How Wheels World Race for the Gamecube. In fact, he loves anything to do with Hot Wheels Acceleracers. And I mean ANYTHING to do with them. If they made an Acceleracer Barbie he would want it.

But the game is hard. I’m not going to kid you. Thomas and I used to play it every Sunday morning for an hour to try and unlock his favorite car: Power Rocket. But we never could get far enough in the game to unlock it.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to search the Internet for cheat codes. Perhaps there was a code that would unlock all the cars? Well, I didn’t find anything for the Game Cube but there WAS some cheat codes for the PS2. So I started with those as a base and I managed to find some cheat codes through sheer brute force.

So here they are! Remember, you have to do them from the title screen where is says to press start.

Unlock All Cars
R, L, Y, Y, X, X

Unlock All Tracks
R, L, X, X, Y, Y

Unlock Kurt’s Spy Car (Zed-36) and the Smash Mouth Car
L, R, A, B, Y, X

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