My developers are so cool!

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Yesterday I sent all my developers an e-mail with an unusual message. The entire message said only:

SELECT developerName, dayOfWeek FROM Developers WHERE regularTeleworkSchedule = 1;

To my utter delight, I received the following responses:

“1 result returned
[name removed], Tuesday”

“(0 row(s) affected)”

“developerName               dayOfWeek
————–          —————
[name removed]               Tue”

“0 rows fetched”

“It’s on Thursday”

My developers are so awesome! Every one of them knew exactly what I was asking for and they all returned some kind of answer. Although the guy who wrote “It’s on Thursday” didn’t keep with the spirit of the message.

So for those who would like to know what the message said, it is a database query that basically asks “If anyone has a regular telework day, please send me your name and what day you telework on.” But I liked my method much better!

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  1. Matt Says:

    Fantastic. If I did that here, I would get looks of “are you serious?” And then they would bring up the time I mentioned a famous author named Upton Sinclair who wrote “The Jungle.” They had never heard of him, or the the book, and therefore thought me insane for calling him famous. :)

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