An Awkward Moment

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Each year in December (and this year in November due to my brother’s wedding next Saturday) the Carson family gets together for a Carson Christmas Party. Normally there are about 40 people who come this party but this year we have about 65.

The format of the party has changed over the years. When I was little we met at the Lehi Riding Club in Lehi, Utah. There would be food, dancing (although I don’t remember this) and singing. The kids would usually run down the street to play at the Lehi Roundup stadium. Eventually, we bacame too big for the Lehi Riding Club, which is only about the size of a garrage.

For many years now we meet in Salt Lake in the gymnasium of my parent’s church house. This is a large area the size of a basketball court with a stage and kitchen attached. We sit a one end of the gym and the kids play at the other end. It’s always surprising how much fun kids can have just running around.

My uncle, Leo, has brought small rubber bouncy balls the past few years and gives one to each kid. The kids love the throw these things around and chase them. It keeps the kids busy so the grownups can talk.

So I’m standing there talking to my cousin, David, and I see tha my son (age 7) has just put his ball in his pockets and has taken another kid’s ball and is putting it in his pocket and pretending that he doesn’t have it. The other kids is getting upset. So I yell (not loudly, but so he can hear me over the din) “I see what you have in your pants there. I want to you take those balls out of your pants.”

My son yells at the top of his lungs “Oh yeah?!?! You keep YOUR balls in YOUR pants!” Everyone heard. I just about died. My cousin couldn’t help laughing. It was his attempt to argue with me but it just came out wrong.

How embarassing.

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  1. matt Says:


    Thanks, Nat, I needed a good laugh!

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