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Today was the cooking show taping with the broadcast going to happen sometime in August or September. It is part of KUED’s fund-raising campeign (or at least it will be).

I was pretty nervous and to top it off, I got to the show late. I had to hustle my buns in order to prepare my “magic dish” to pull out of the oven to show what it looks like and get everything else ready. Other chefs had shown up hours before to prepare. Me, I had 20 minutes.

Everyone kept telling me not to worry, which I tried not to do. But before I knew it I was in the kitchen with all my stuff ready to be taped.

I don’t remember too much about the actual filming as it was all done in one take. Kim was the name of the hostess and she helped me prepare the dish and she asked me questions.

I do remember her astonishment when I had her pour the cooked bratwurst pieces into the caserrole dish and asked her to pour in the grease as well. Then she asked if I was using low-fat sour cream (which I wasn’t). I don’t think that the dish would really tase good using low-fat stuff. If you are going to eat something delicious, and bad for you, you might as well have the best experience possible.

When the time came for me to pull out the finished product the hostess said “So do we have a finished dish in the oven ready to pull out?” and she knelt down and opened the oven. I had to say “Um no, it’s not in that oven. It’s in my… other oven.” Everyone laughed.

The other funny thing that happened was after the taping was over and I got to chat with the fund raising people. They were really fun and asked me a bunch of questions. One of the questions stumpled me for a second. The lady asked “This is delicous! What would you have with this?” After a second of thinking, I replied “A Coke.” Apparently that was hilarious and the interviewers almost fell over laughing. In fact I thought pretty much everyone laughed. I later found out that it’s a very common question and it really means “what else would you serve with this dish.” A rookie mistake I guess.

It was fun and very stressful. When I get an actual copy of the clip I’ll have to put it on YouTube so everyone can see it.

I’ll be posting photos as soon as I can.

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  1. Shaffer Says:

    Congratulations, how fun! I can’t wait to see your clip. I’m sure it came out well. You can have such a captivating personality, I’m sure it came across well on screen.

    Oh, and for the record, I think, “A Coke,” is the right answer for nearly any dish.


  2. Matt Says:

    Hilarious, sir! I cannot wait to behold the magesty. And I have to agree that coke was the correct response.

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