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Right now I’m sitting in the studio kitchen at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake. I’m here for my orientation and preparation checklist for the taping of a cooking show tomorrow. In short, I’m going to be on TV.

This will be my 9 minutes of brodcast fame (and 2 hours of taping fame–aparently it takes far longer to tape a show than to brodcast it). I’m nervous.

I just chatted with the lady who will be taped after me. She asked me what I do and I replied “I work with computers.” Her surprise was aparent and asked “You are not a chef?” I laughed. I’m the farthest thing from a chef that I can imagine! I am very nervous as I sit here feeling very… um… out of place.

There are a ton of television people here and some other guest chefs. Some of them are actually wearing chef outfits (or is it a uniform?). Terribly intimidating. I’m going to pee my pants.

So how did this whole thing come about? KUED ran a program where people could submit their potato recipes and they would be published in a KUED cookbook. Several “lucky” people would be selected to come on TV and demonstrate how to cook their dish. I’m not sure if I was lucky or not but I got picked to make one of the potato dishes I made in Germany.

The dish is called Bunte Kartoffelauflauf, which tranlated means colorful potato casserole. Ironically, there is nothing really colorful about it. But it includes many unhealthy ingredients, so common in German dishes, which makes it super tasty.

I have no idea when the actual episode will air but I’ll post information about it when I get it. I’m sure it will become a YouTube meme and I’ll be ranked right up there with Tay Zonday.

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