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So much for my new year’s resolution to write more often in my blog. If I could figure out a way to do audio blogs I might be able to post more often. But I digress.

This won’t be a long post either as I already have two kids screaming and my niece spending the night and they are all arguing what bedtime snack they want.

Erin has been in need of a scan / copy utility for some time now. There used to be a good one that came with the HP ScanJet (a lovely story in its own time) but that scanner no longer works and I’ve removed the software. So I was out looking for a simple way to make my scanner into a copy machine. I found something worth noting:

OX Copier

This freeware software doesn’t even have an install package, it is all self-contained in the executable. The only problem I had was resolved by setting the program to run in Windows 98 Compatibility Mode. It works really well. Check it out yourself:

And now it is back to mitigating fights and the like…

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