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In the back of eWeek every week is a rumor report written by Spancer Katt. eWeek changed the format of this page about a year ago, I guess. I like it. Besides the rumor listings, there are also pictures of parafanalia from the locals he has visited and a comic. This week’s comic was pretty funny. But I digress. In the top right-hand corner of this page is the image of a napkin with a couple of web addresses on it. Most of the time they are lame, but this week had an unexpected golden nuget: Vidar Holen’s website.

Vidar’s Blog is a collection of stories and thoughts about all sorts of things — but reading his adventures in elementary and middle school remind me so much of my own that I couldn’t stop reading! Serriously, this guy would have been my best friend in school.

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  1. Vidar Holen Says:

    Whoa! I was reading the referer logs for my site and this link comes up. We’re few and far apart it seems :/

    Ps: These forms show up white-on-white in konqueror, so I’m typing blind.. and this page is not valid xhtml :p

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