Adios, Blogger!

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As you can probably see, I have migrated away from Blogger to maintain Peregrine Findings and I’m now using a great open source project called WordPress. WordPress, available at, has several key advantages over Blogger which I’m very happy to share.

First and I think foremost, WordPress stores all the blog entries in a database (unlike Blogger who stores them in flat files) so I can now do things like search. Peregrine Findings has gotten so big I constantly find myself digging back through months-old blogs looking for some bit of information I wrote.

WordPress also has an authoring interface that is vastly better than Bloggers. For example, I wsa able to easily program in my own quicktags to insert styles such as quotes, the emdash and endash, numbers, etc.

WordPress also handles multiple people posting with different rights, the ability for people to leave comments, etc. All in all, a much superrior product.

Don’t get me wrong. My person problems with Blogger would probably not affect the vast majority of the public as it has a simple, reliable interface for blogging. No technical knowledge necessary. But I wanted just a little more and after having some terse discussions with Blogger support, and some veiled threats that they actually own my content, I decided to leave.

WordPress also supports RSS news feeds if you so desire — something people have been asking for.

I’m not 100% off blogger yet, as I have another blog containing my dreams still going through Blogger. But I hope that by the end of the week that too will be moved.

Farewell Blogger!

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  1. Seth Says:

    Dude! I’m not sure the RSS makes up for that picture, but almost.

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