Read At Work & Surf At Work

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Have you ever had a boss that watches you like a hawk and always thinks you are screwing around? Even during your lunch break which is YOUR time?

What if you want to read while at work? Well the good people at New Zealand Book Council have a website for you: Here you will find a web page that looks like a Windows XP desktop and the books and other literature are disguised as PowerPoint presentations. It takes a little getting used to but I quickly found that the format was more intuitive that I would have thought. Good reading, too.

What if you want to surf and make it look like you are doing work? Then I have the site for you: It will make it look like you are working on a Microsoft Word document when you are really browsing the Internet. It doesn’t have graphics, however, which would be a dead giveaway.

eCalc – The Best Online Calculator

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eCalc might be the best online calculator I’ve found. It’s certainly better than Google (which is what I currently use). One nice thing about Google, though, is the built in conversion support.

On the desktop I like and prefer to use it over Calc or a spreadsheet. I think it is the Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) support.

I prefer the scientific version of the calculator they have, but to each his own.

LEGO Mania

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I’m not quite sure what tipped this off but lately my kids and I have been playing LEGOs a lot. Last Sunday we spent an entire afternoon building a space complex with ships, support personel, buildings and a princess pony coral (which my youngest daughter insisted on).

Sitting there with all three kids was fun and I enjoyed the creative play as much as they did. I decided we need more LEGOs.

Not to long ago my mother (bless her hoarding heart) gave me back my LEGOs from when I was a kid. It included set 6980 Galaxy Commander in the box with all the instructions. I was thrilled. I loved that set and played with it for a very long time. Sometimes I would dismantle it and built other ships but I always came back to my love: the Galaxy Commander.

I came home from work the next day to discover that my son (6 years old) had completely dismantled it, destroyed the box and lost many of the pages from the instruction manual. I wasn’t happy. I’m STILL not happy about it as I see small assembled parts all over my son’s bedroom floor and I recognize them as being from that ship. I already tried to re-assemble the pieces but only got half of them back. It’s a lost cause.

On an unrelated note I found a couple of websites where people are actively creating new sets and scenes. They are of such creativity and quality that it truly blows my mind. The Brothers Brick is one such site. I spent an hour this evening just looking at the differnt things people have created. I’m blown away.

I am definitely buying more LEGOs.

Diablo III Is Coming!

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It is coming! See the videos! Visit the site!

I almost peed my pants when I saw this game is coming out. I had a bunch of friends also call me to let me know about it. (Thanks, everyone!)

I’m a huge Diablo fan. It is only second to Tomb Raider as my favorite game of all time. I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent playing Diablo. I know for a fact that with Diabo II I played every single day for a year putting in hundreds of hours. To this day I still have incredibly cool characters that I break out and play from time to time.

I’m so excited to play Diablo III that I would be willing to take time off work AND buy a new computer if needed just to run the graphics.

Did I mention I’m excited?