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About 2 months ago I figured that I could probably save some money on gas if I could carpool and do some hypermiling. Hypermiling is the term that describes a collection fuel economy maximizing techniques.

So I have experienced some success in working with some of the techniques. I only compute my fuel economy (mpg) when I fill up the tank. So the first time I did it I went from a basline of 38 mpg to 42 mpg. Next I got 43 mpg and my latest tank I got 44 mpg.

So people are asking what, specifically, I do. So here it is:

  • Take everything out of the car I don’t need. I emptied the trunk. No unnecessary weight.
  • Inflated the tires more. The max pressure is 44 psi but I’ve always run on 32 psi. I’m now running 38 psi and a little nervous but everyone tells me I can safely go up to the 44. I’m too chicken to try.
  • Never, EVER, drive faster that 65 mph. Sometimes I drive only 60 mph on the freeway.
  • At red lights that I know will be red for a while I turn off the engine.
  • Never drive with the windows down.
  • Run the air conditioner only when necessary.
  • Try and “draft” behind semi trucks.
  • Engage the clutch when going downhill–most of the time I can keep a constant speed without having to run the engine or having the resistance of having it in gear.

That’s it. I’ve thought about trying to “ridge ride” but I’m not comfortable doing that so I don’t. Maybe someday.

Nevertheless, it has helped. Carpooling has been the biggest gain as it cut my gas consumption in half.