My Favorite On-line Clocks

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I have collected a list of on-line flash-based clocks that I like to use. I use them for different things from timers, to informational, to just project it onto a screen during a meeting.

If anyone else has some that they like, please post them in the comments!

The Glow Clock. I love this clock because of the ability to change the background color and for the continuously sweeping second hand.

The Timeline Clock. I love this clock because it works great on a wide-screen monitor or projector. It also gives you a sense of how time is passing on different levels.

The World Clock. This is a clock that shows interesting global statistics. It’s fun (and disturbing) to watch.

The Naked Alarmclock. This is a timer with a great alarm. I use it all the time.

The Analogy Clock. This clock has the traditional layout but presents the information in a different way.

Brother’s Day – June 20, 2008

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Today, June 20th, is Brother’s day. My son, Thomas, has been telling for days that he needs a day just for brothers, where he gets presents and his sisters are nice for him. Today he pushed the issue so now we have a new holiday: Brother’s Day.

Immediately, my youngest daughter insisted on having a Sister’s Day as well, when she can dress like a princess and get presents.

Happy Brother’s Day!