Nat vs. The Yard (Nat’s loosing)

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I’m currently engaged in an epic battle with my yard. I’m now about 1 week behind schedule and losing ground fast (I wish I meant that literally) with the increase of outside temperature during the day. Going from 65 degrees to 90+ degrees is a big factor on how long I can work outside without collapsing.

My wife’s assistance has waned significanly lately leaving me to work on my own. Just me against the yard and the dumpster right now. I’m getting my butt kicked.

The goal was that this week I would finish removing the extra dirt in my yard–which I have been steadily working on. This and general cleanup would be done on Friday so that on Saturday we could till, level and roll the yard. The way I have been going so far I’m going to be two weeks behind schedule soon.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Firefox Download Day

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Today is Spread Firefox Day–the day that the fine people have released FireFox 3.0 and want to beat the world record for the most number of downloads within 24 hours.

The waiting around for the site to come back up downloading started at 11 am Mountain Time. Be part of the event and download Firefox 3! Don’t forget to print your certificate of participation.

Not all of my Firefox plugins add-ons ave been updated to work with the new version, so I’m going to wait to run it on my work machine for now.