Metal Detector People (TP Treasure Hunters)

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One unexpected result of having a dumpster in my yard is that serves as a beacon to people who like to hunt for treasures using metal detectors.

So far, I have had 5 people come by (in about as many days) asking if they can search my yard for treasures.

The first guy was pretty cool and we talked for a while in my yard about things he had found and what he does with the findings. He has never found a lot so I guess it’s the thrill of the hunt.

But starting with the second guy I said “sure, you can search, but you aren’t the first.” Second guy didn’t care–he went right at it.

Third guy was hilarious. He was so large that when he had detected something he had his boy dig for it. That must be one hell of a boring summer job: following your dad around to strange people’s yards and digging when he tell you to.

Fourth guy didn’t seem to believe me that 3 previous people had gone over the yard. He assumed they must be idiots and he started in the the now familiar grid-based search pattern.

Guy number 5 stayed just to save face, but his heart wasn’t in it.

I realized last night after seeing Guy Number 5 leave so dejectedly that I really ought to be having more fun with this. I’m going to try and stop by D.I. and a coin store and pick up some interesting items then bury them in the yard. That should keep them entertained!

Maybe I’ll take some old Tonka dump trucks and bury them! Or and anvil… that would rock!

Next time I’ll try and take some video.