Dumpster Friends

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Each year my wife and I pick a big project with the house. Last year it was a sprinkler system and an unexpected new water main. It was interesting to see the installation of a modern device into an almost century-old home and property. I think it worked out pretty well (once we replace the water main).

This year we are doing the yard–making it way we always wanted it to be. Let me be frank: redoing 3,000 square feet is a lot of work. Far more work than I thought there could have been. And it doesn’t seem like there is an end. There will be and end, of course, at least for me: two weeks from now.

Part of the process was to kill all the existing lawn so it could be replaced. Originally, we were going to go with hydroseed but instead we’ve decided on the more expensive sod. We are getting later into the summer and sod will become kid resistant faster.

So over the past weeks we have amassed quite a pile of yard waste including dirt, sod, rocks, branches, plants, grape vines, and more. The question came up: how are we going to get rid of this stuff? A dumpster is the answer.

So I called around and found what I thought was a good deal on a 30 yard dumpster (which does not refer to its length, but the number of cubic yards it can hold). It was delivered on Tuesday morning. Since Tuesday I have become very popular.

That same day I have neighbors just “dropping by” and casually asking if they can offload some things. At first I said sure, until a neighbor’s “little” pile was 12 foot sections of a tree. I decided that I needed to fill it with my stuff first.

So now I’m telling people that I don’t want their money (which is true) and if I have extra room after I get all my stuff in, they are welcome to put whatever they want in it. I think that’s fair, don’t you?

Right now I’m about 70% full. Yard waste takes up a lot of space. My wife wants to empty out our basement from all the junk we have there as well. I’m looking forward to it.

This weekend we’ll be tilling, leveling and rolling the yard(s). The next weekend we’ll be laying sod. It will be a sod party! Everyone is invited. Just all ahead to make sure we are still on schedule and that I’ll have enough BBQ for everyone.