All The Wyrks of Pern

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Last night I finished reading Dragonsblood, the last book that I had not read about the world of Pern. There are several articles about Pern and the series of books called “The Dragonriders of Pern” on Wikipedia.

There are, I believe, about 23 books in total. Some are in a series and some are not but they all take place on the same planet: Pern.

I have really enjoyed reading the books and I recommend them highly. My thanks go to Joshua Orr, a dragonlover himself, for recommending the books in the first place and to Kevin Doyle who was willing to tell me some plot details to entice me to read it (although he only told me about one of the books).

I feel like I have accomplished something. 23 books is a lot and reading them has been spread over the past two and half years. Of course, the writing of those books has taken about 40 years so I think I’ve done pretty well.

I have even picked up a couple of officially sanctioned books about pern, which are not novels. One of them is a collection of maps for Pern and the other is a collection of portraits done of the main characters in the story. the latter is a little disappointing because I have built very vivid images of those people in my mind over the years. Still, it’s interesting to see other’s interpretations of the same descriptions.