Has not it still got ready??

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My team at work often sees cryptic or as we say “less effective” problem tickets. I received one yesterday that said:

We still have orders in BO
has not it still got ready??

Today I got one that says:

Someone knows that I happen with the kits that Alfredo of warehouse-Mex, could not have gone down GTI for command??

I don’t even know what they are talking about. I don’t even know where to start, except to laugh.

ArchLord – I’m Addicted

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Years ago I remember my friend Seth saying something like “OMG! World of Warcraft is like the greatest game ever! Do not even start playing it or you will regret it!”

I stayed away.

My friend Matt became hoplessly addicted to World of Warcraft and has officially quit twice (or three times, I forget). So a couple of weeks ago Matt says he is playing another game that is similar to World of Warcraft but is free. Free to download and free to play. It’s called ArchLord.

I am addicted. So being addicted I need your help as friends. I need you to download the program, create a character on the BRUMHART server (preferably a Moon Elf Ranger or Elementalist) and join me while questing. My character name is “Haloloprillilar.”

It’s a pretty big virtual world and I’m having a good time running around (slowly) and trying to create a map of the entire world. I’m not aware that anyone else has made a map so I’m doing it one piece at a time. You can also help me out by sending me screen shots of your map (when you press screen print the images will appear in \Program Files\Codemaster\Archlord\Screen\).

But most of all, just join me and have fun!