Bloxorz – Today’s Time Waster

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I’m not sure how I stumbled across this game but I couldn’t stop playing it. It reminds me of an Atari game called Balance but uses blocks instead of spheres.

You can find it here and post the level codes as you clear them so we can all have fun at higher levels.

MIT OpenCourseWare

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You have to hand it to MIT for making some of their curriculum available for free on-line. Surprising coming from one of the most expensive universities in the US but also very in-character for them to want to give back to the community. I’ve gone through some of these courses (typography, for example) and found them interesting.

Give it a try:

Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me

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Here is an interesting article. There is no need for me to talk about it more when you can read the article itself here.

On-line Voting Update

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I never would have thought that the area of on-line voting for a contest was so filled with strategy. I thought that you just wanted to most number of votes and you concentrated on yourself. But being part of this contest has been an education for me.

Not only do you want to position yourself well (near or at the top of the list) but you want to inhibit or de-motivate your opponents. For example, there was a team that was shooting up through the ranks quite quicky. Instead of just sitting back and watching the gap lessen they chose to also vote for other families near and around the opponets placement to bring the neighbor-ranked families up faster and demotivate the opponent family. Meanwhile you continue to widen the gap.

Convincing friends to vote has also been a challenge because once others are asked to vote for you they want to compete as well and become your competitiors. So who do you trust? Do you try and leverage someone with IT knowledge with the chance that they will find a way to automate voting and then decide to compete?

It’s all very interesting…

Right now my friend is still in 2nd place with just 3,000 votes behind. They still have a 50,000 vote lead on the biggest threat team which can sometimes crank out up to 200 votes per minute. However, that treat team has only done that on weekends. During the business day they only have 10 vpm and evenings about 15 vpm. My friend is staying pretty steady at about 20 vpm with peaks of 30 vpm. Pretty crazy.

If anyone is interesting in helping vote please let me know and I’ll coordinate the information with you. The contest ends on June 30 at 10 AM.

Interesting to see how this will turn out.

Steven DeGraeve, a Man of Many Talents

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Steven is a man with skill. The skill to create programs when he needs something. Don’t underestimate the power of a begrudged programmer. Steven is a man who knows what he wants.

I stumbled upon Steven’s website a while ago while looking for a favicon.ico generator and found a trove of usefull utilities on his site. Everyone few weeks I find myself going through all his applications and reading his blog just to see what is going on.

Personally, I like the Invent-a-Word program. I got words like crap + apartment = crapartment and XanGo + Golf = XanGolf. Cool.

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