Eragon the Movie

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Eragon: the worst move adaptation of a decent book I’ve ever seen. What a piece of crap that can’t even stand on its own as a movie. Ugh.


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I’m beginning to think the web is really starting to become useful. It has always been great as a reference but not so great as a general application platform. Of course there have always been applications like e-mail that became webified early on but most of those pre-date the world wide web and their adoption into web format was only natural. Even the web was the next evolutionary step for systems like Gopher, Archie and Veronica (both of which I used) and even UNIX talk and VAX phone programs pre-date IMs by decades. In the past couple of years companies have started to convert already successful desktop applications into web applications (such as TurboTax, Gmail, Google Spreadsheets and Writely).

But recently I’ve been finding other applications that go beyond putting a web interface on an already successful application (and I’m excluding social network applications like MySpace and Traineo is one that I use and 37 Signals has a bunch as well although one could argue that these, too, are webified already successful applications.

One that caught my attention was Wasabe which goes beyond what Quicken can do and utilizes a bit of social networking to bring added benefit. I watched the tour video and almost signed up. I take my finances seriously and have implemented my own rules and procedures that allow me to easily accomplish the same tasks that Wasabe offers.

But you should check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Where the Hell is Matt?

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I first saw Matt’s video quite some time ago and was taken by its simplicity and message. How can a video like that have a message? I’m not sure but it’s there… Matt traveled the world on almost no money and video taped himself dancing there. You can’t help but like this guy.

For those who want to know more about Matt (not this Matt or this Matt) you can read more on his website. His travel log is interesting and his FAQ is pretty fun to read.

But by far his most popular features are the videos he has made which you can find on his website and on YouTube. – A Showroom of AJAX Scripts

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I’ve been looking for some websites that have good examples of Web 2.0 stuff (which is usually AJAX related stuff). I came across this great site called MiniAjax. It has some great little utilities in it.

A New Job Opening

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Many of you know that my job responsibilities were changed at the beginning of January. Although much has stayed the same some has definitely changed. I’ve been learning to work within the scope of my new position and still provide exceptional benefit. I’m also working to improve some horrible procedures that every thinks is OK because it is what existed before they started.

Last Monday I was approached about a position that would be opening up and I was recommended for it. I was asked by the director over that position if I would like it. At first I thought I wouldn’t and then after several days I was positive that I would not like it. There was no promotion involved nor money and I would be moving from something I really like to something I thought I would dislike very much. Why move? Others told me it would be great positioning for possible future advancement.

To my amazement after I declined the position every director in the department as well as the CIO of the company asked me to re-consider. That was quite a surprise for me. Why is it that everyone else wants me to take the job but me? What do they know that I don’t know? I’m always leery about situations like that. What is the big secret?

After several interviews where the merits of the job were explained I still could not envision where this team will be in 6 months. I never did get an answer. I know that what they do now is going to change dramatically and they are doing things they aren’t supposed to right now. It just doesn’t make sense.

The good thing about this change is the guy I would be replacing is moving over to a team that really needs the help. It would be a great opportunity for him.

I’ll have to let you all know what happens as I have to decide on Monday.