Line Rider

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I came across this fun little application that my kids love and has not achived Internet Cult status. Check it out, along with some movies at

Black Friday

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I wake up and get dressed. I put on two coats and a hat (something I never do). I get my keys, cell phone and Best Buy gift card.

Drive to Best Buy

Park and get in a huge line that is wound around the block.

Explain to someone behind me that Vonage isn’t a wireless cell phone company.

The line begins to move.

I finally get inside Best Buy. It’s warm but a crazy mad house. I go to the line for computers.

I discover that my line for computers doesn’t include computer monitors as the Best Buy associate says. I get in another line.

I discover there are no more MAG 17-inch LCD monitors. I make my way out of the store.

I finally make it out of the store. There are people running across the parking lot trying to get in the store as fast as possible.

I make it back home but am too wound up (and cold) to sleep. I play Mario Golf instead.

Thomas wakes up and comes in the front room to snuggle.

Annika wakes up and comes in the front room to watch me play Mario Golf. I’ve now beaten all the characters in challenges.

Erin and Ella wake up and I make French toast for breakfast. My feet are STILL cold.

Erin is disappointed that I got up so early and didn’t get the monitors. I think she is more upset about the monitors than the fact that I’ve been up for 4 hours.

Thanksgiving Adventures

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This year my wife agreed to have her family over for Thanksgiving without asking me. Her side of the story is that every even year we have Thanksgiving with her family. My side of the story is that yes, we have it with her family but not necessarily at our house. This is the part she didn’t ask me about.

Getting ready for having an extended family over for dinner takes a lot of work. It means a lot of cleaning, cooking and then a whirlwind of relatives who come, eat, and leave. Then the rest of the cleaning begins. It’s a lot of work.

This year the feast was to begin at noon which would mean that if I wanted to smoke a turkey I would have to start around 1am. Erin thought it might be easier if we deep fried a turkey because the cooking time is only 30-45 minutes.

So I bought the 5 gallons of peanut oil (expensive), and a deep fryer (also expensive) and had to borrow a large tank of propane. The latter might seem strange since I own 3 BBQs but none of them are propane. I hope to someday have a nice propane grill. But I digress.

So at 10:45am I start to assemble this cooker thing and start the oil heating up about 11am. And then I wait. And wait. And wait. It takes until 2:30pm before the oil is at the required 300 degrees F to start cooking. By then everyone had eaten and most people had left. It seems that our plan for a “quick cook” is taking even longer than if we had just put the darn thing in the oven! So much for saving time.

I have now had turkey cooked in all three of the most common methods: baking, smoking and deep frying. I have to say that without a doubt my favorite is smoking.

Brine: The Magical Ingreedient
I also have to say that the single-most ingredient that will make your turkey the best is brining. It’s an extra step that takes an extra day of prep time but the result is astounding! If you don’t brine your turkey you simply must.

Today involved a lot of dish washing. As I feared, when guests come to eat they don’t do the dishes. But I can’t hold a grudge because I don’t do dishes at other people’s houses either. So I guess it’s just one of those things you live with if you host the party.

I ate so much at lunch that the only thing I ate for lunch was a piece of pumpkin pie. I love the holidays.


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If you spend enough time in Google Earh you will see just about anything you can imagine. I’ve seen giant iPods, Target stores, a mountain that looks like an indian chief, Noah’s ark and even more.

But one site specializes in creating your text message in the image of buildings and such as seen from far above. Try it out at

Zamzar – Free Online File Converter

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Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software? It definitely happens out there.  Along with things like getting your IM through a browser, working on Microsoft Office files,  and listening to your favorite music, you can convert files from one format to another as well.

Behold the power of–your online file converstion source.

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