Calendars and Kidney Stones

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I felt stupid just writing about how much kidney stones suck. Those of you who have had kidney stones, especially those who have had them get stuck, you know what I mean. I’m starting to fear that the one day’s reprise from pain is just foreshadowing of a bigger problem–that the stone is stuck. Pray for me. Seriously.

So not wanting to write another whole post about kidney stones I decided to talk about calendars. It’s coming up on Easter and Passover and last year I remembered thinking “why don’t Jews and Christians celebrate passover on the same day”? It couldn’t be something simple like Jews and Christians just don’t get along so I decided to dive in and see what day Easter and Passover are supposed to be on and how that is computed. Which leads me to…

Frequently Asked Questions about Calendars Version 2.8 by Claus Tøndering

Mr. Tøndering knows his calendars. And I found the reading of this FAQ to be informative and fun to read (keep in mind I read RFCs too). Maybe you will also enjoy it.