Sandwich Shops

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I’m a big fan of the sandwich, specifically the hoagie, grinder and submarine sandwich.

I classify sandwiches into two categories: those from individual stores who provide sandwich services and franchise / chain sandwich shops. Typically, I find the former to have better quality sandwiches because I think they just try harder.

Whenever I try a new sandwich shop I always go for the Italian or equivalent to establish a baseline for comparison. The Italian is probably my favorite so it makes comparison easy.

So here is my ranking from best to worst:

Individual Store Sandwiches
1. Granato’s (Frank Granato Importing Co.)
2. Tony Caputo’s Market and Deli
3. Grove’s Market (Grove Market and Deli)
4. Grinder’s 13

Chain Store Sandwiches
1. Quiznos
2. Blimpie
3. Schlotzsky’s Deli
4. Gandolfo’s Deli
Last. Subway

I list Subway last because even if there are other shops, Subway will probably maintain the prestigious last position in the list. Their bread is usually hard, their meats pre-processed, their cheeses are all of the American variety (even the provolone tastes like a space-age polymer) and they always put way too much lettuce on. It’s like eating a salad in a hard bun without dressing or anything else good. More surprising than me eating there is the fact that I forget just how bad it is and wind up trying it again.