I Need PDAs For Secret Project

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In keeping with my fine tradition of blogging only when months have past between posts I feel a bit dirty blogging again after just two days. But I have need.

I am in need of working PDAs for a special project. I will take any PalmPilot, Handspring, iPaq, Clie or other PDA device anyone is willing to donate or sell me at an insane price. My first choice would be a Sony Clie because of the white colored screen or an iPaq or the like. But beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll take anything that works.

This is for a secret project that really isn’t so secret as it is a little creative and I don’t want people telling me I’m crazy and it won’t work before I can give it a try.

I do promise to blog about the project whether it works or not so I won’t keep people in suspense.

Contact me via this blog, e-mail or by phone for your donations. And THANK YOU!