Fast Food Tipping

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Last night on the way home I had to pick up dinner for the family. This consisted of a dinner for Erin and I from Bajio and a peperoni pizza from Little Ceasar’s. Too bad the kids don’t like to eat real food.

But as I was paying with my credit card at Bajio I relized I was putting a line through the “tip” area of the merchant copy and then re-writing the exact same amount in the total field.

Then, at Little Ceasar’s, I paid $5.00 for a pizza and there again was the tip line. Am I the only one that finds this a little offensive? Why should I tip Little Ceasar’s for a $5.00 pizza that I have to stand in line to get, talk with a cashieer who has no interest in customer service and who mumbles with such a heavy spanish accent I can’t understand them, and then walk out with a 1-hour ago freshly made peperoni pizza. Why in the hell would I tip them?

But I’m paranoid. I think if I leave the tip line empty and don’t re-write the total amount some punk (probably at Little Ceasar’s) is going to write it in for me, and since my signature is on there how could I refute it?

I have a grudge against tipping anyway. I think one should only tip IF they get good service not to ensure it. People who claim TIP stands for To Insure Prompt Service are idiots because you pay AFTER they give you the service–there is no motivation for the server either way based on a post-pay system. But have you ever tried to pre-tip or tip-as-you-go? Both systems I’ve tried and had my wife chew my head off because it’s offensive.

And how much to you tip? I have a work collegue who tips a minimum of 15%. Wholy crap! I would only pay 15% if I got a foot-massage or if my kids have dumped most of their dinner on the floor (which does happen often). But for a dinner where it’s just my wife and I? It better be pretty damn good service.

I have another friend who won’t EVER pay more than 10%. He says “The Lord only asks for 10%. Are THEY better than the Lord?” This may be a little blasphemous but I somewhat agree.

OK. There you have it. Flame on!