Christmas Lights Gone Wild

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We all know some neighbor or friend who goes a little wild at Christmas. In Salt Lake, there is even a street known as “Christmas Street” where every house on the block competes to have the best display. They can’t even touch this guy!

My Dream Laptop!

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I’ve worked with 16-bit processor notebooks, and even 32-bit processor notebooks and I thought that my dream notebook would be an AMD 64-bit one. But I was wrong. I have found the holy grail of notebooks and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have 64-bit nor even 128-bits. It’s got 8-bits and 4-channel sound. It the Atari 800 XE Laptop.

Ben Heckendorn has been one of my heroes ever since he made the portable Atari 2600 gaming console (another item I would love to have). Seriously, I want to meet this guy.

I can almost see myself walking into a meeting and booting up my own Atari 800 Laptop and running Atari Writer or playing Miner 2049er. Ah, that would awesome!

High Tech Christmas Lists

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Every year for the past 10 years I have published my Christmas wish list on my website. I certainly don’t advocate buying gifts off list for I think a gift picked out by the giver specifically for the recipient is the best kind–it shows that you have been thinking of them. But we all know someone who is so hard to shop for you wind up asking others “what should I get them?”

To address this problem I publish a list of items I would like so if someone just can’t decide what to get me, they can get ideas from the list. My list has become a tradition.

Two weeks ago while having dinner with my family, siblings and parents, my sister, Celestia, suggested that I come up with some way for everyone to manage their Christmas lists on-line. I smiled and thought about how to do it. Luckily, I didn’t have to do it, someone has done it.

Behold: PHP Gift Registry — leveraging the Internet and the power of relational databases to effectively manage your gift lists. Actually, I made up that tag line for another website I wanted to run called “–Leveraging the power of relational databases to manage your grievances.” But I digress.

I’ve been running PHP Gift Registry for two weeks now and everyone on both sides of my family is using it. And using it well. Even my mother and father are using it and we all couldn’t be happier. I suggest you try it.