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I’ve listened to a lot of audio books since I started working for 1World. I found the time in the car passes faster if I’m engagned in some form of entertainment. Most of these have been on CD and some on tape. Those that I own I’ve converted to MP3 format for my own convienience (such as the Harry Potter books). Ususally, I borrow these from the library and sometimes from friends.

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Farewell 1FN DSL!

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Today 1FN moved all its DSL subscribers to Xmission. Besides calling subscribers to tell them the news, I also had the privilege of recording the phone message that conveys the same information. the script for which is to be found below:

Beloved 1FN DSL Subscribers. Effective Friday, July 29 all DSL services have been acquired by Xmisson. Xmission is one of Utah’s largest ISPs and offers 24-hour live technical support along with a variety of other options.

As part of this transition, your Internet DSL will not work until you contact Xmission technical support by calling in Salt Lake City: 539-0852 or toll-free at 1-877-964-7746.

Xmission charges a flat rate of $19.00 per month no matter what speed your DSL connection is. Xmission offers free browser filters including privacy filters and filters to block objectionable content. 1FN will continue to forward e-mail to your 1FN address to your new Xmission e-mail address until August 31.

1FN and its staff wishes you all the best and thanks you for having been part of the 1FN family.

It’s been fun.

Penguin Instant Library

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I like to read and I like books. Luckily, they tend to go together. But building ones library is a long process and in this day and age of instant gratification you can — at long last — buy an instant library.

The good people at Amazon and Penguin Publishers are offering the Penguin Classic Library at a 40% discount and available today at the bargain price of $5,324.75. But before you say “What?” lets break down what you get.

With 1,802 titles you get nearly half a million pages–laid end to end they would hit the 52-mile mark. Approximately 700 pounds in weight, the titles would tower 828 feet if you stacked them lengthwise atop each other–almost as tall as the Empire State Building. Placing them on a bookshelf — like a normal person — it would fill more than 150 linear feet (assuming an average width of one inch for each book). Impressive. Most impressive.

Buy yours today!

Hot Dog Sculputre

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I’m not sure about your kids, but I have to employ all kinds of tricks to get my kids to eat stuff they don’t want to. The most successful method in general has been in the area of presentation. If you can make their lunch look cool, they will eat it.

To this end I can now carve an apple or pear into an angel, train, helicopter, turtle and airplane. I use cookie cutters to stamp cheese into shapes of people and trains and the like. I mix food coloring into mashed potatoes to make them blue or green. Until now, my hot-dog skills have been limited to cutting them into small circles and arranging them into a smiley face. But now I have extra help.

Behold the Hot Dog Sculpture site! Now, I don’t know Japanese but I’m excited about the website already. I’ve already tried the shark version and it was received gladly by my son.

I wonder… does anyone else have to do crazy stuff with food to get their kids to eat it?

Open Clip Art Library

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In the last few days I have found several golden nuggets of resources that I have searched long and hard for. Today I address the problem of good clip-art (or icons) to use in applications.

I’ve spoken about this problem before (Icon Art) and I’m excited to announce that I have found Open Clip Art Library.

The Open Clip Art Library is simply that, a library of clip-art (icons) that is free to use. And most of them are good looking as well! The images are in SVG (scalar vector graphics) done with an Open Source program called Inkscape.

Inkscape is a vector-based graphics program similar to Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw. Best of all, it’s free!

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