The ChatterBox Challenge

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This challenge is to judge which artificial converations robots are the best in the word. It has been going on for a number of years and aparently the bots are getting much better. You can check it out at

Some of the more interesting things to check out, besides talking with the bots, is the Classic Quotes section. There are some pretty funny things in there.

I once made my own A.L.I.C.E. bot that would handle conversations about religion. The main source of questions and answers (including related topics) was the website. I started it as an experiment into creating 24-hour “virtual missionaries” who would consistanly give Coorelation Department approved answers. It would answer all kinds of personal and theological questions and steer people toward meeting real missionaries. I got pretty far with it, covering more than half of all the questions and topics contained in the website. But half-way through the project I left Church employment and my interest in completing the complex project unexpectedly waned.

Vidar’s Blog

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In the back of eWeek every week is a rumor report written by Spancer Katt. eWeek changed the format of this page about a year ago, I guess. I like it. Besides the rumor listings, there are also pictures of parafanalia from the locals he has visited and a comic. This week’s comic was pretty funny. But I digress. In the top right-hand corner of this page is the image of a napkin with a couple of web addresses on it. Most of the time they are lame, but this week had an unexpected golden nuget: Vidar Holen’s website.

Vidar’s Blog is a collection of stories and thoughts about all sorts of things — but reading his adventures in elementary and middle school remind me so much of my own that I couldn’t stop reading! Serriously, this guy would have been my best friend in school.