Securing Windows XP Against Toddlers

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In my life I have often been tasked with creating secure computing environments that range from simple, to massively complex and costing more than $100,000. I’ve always been able to produce a usable working environment while maintaining the required level of security.

But I am now ashamed to admit, I might be licked. I have the impossible(?) task of securing a multi-user Windows XP environment against a two-year-old toddler.

Don’t laugh. I’m serrious. If you can help or have suggestions then please, and I mean PLEASE, let me know.

Stupidly Written Software

It may come as a shock to, but most software is not written to support multiple user profies — espeically concurrently running ones. Children’s software in particular doesn’t like this. The software also won’t install unless you have administrator privleges (which I can understand in some cases) but worse, it won’t RUN unless it has administrator privleges.

This is a problem since I don’t want my toddler’s account to have administrator access because it takes him about 2 seconds to get into programs he has no right being in (like the Control Panel, User Administration, Shutdown / Reboot, etc.

Lack of Easy Policy Management

Have you ever tried using the policy editor in Windows XP? It’s not bad. But it requires that you edit a group of users, not an individual user. As I mentined earlier, I have to run my toddler’s account as an administrator becuase of software limitations. So to me, the common-sence thing to do is modify the user policy for his account to restrict access to some applications (or rather, all applications except a select few).

I’m not claiming I really know what I’m doing inside the Policy Editor. I’m just going off what I see in there. If you think this approach is worth pursuing, let me know.

Paxil Withdrawls – Day 6

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Today was decent. No mood-swings. I still have some nausia but it only came on in the evening, leaving me alone so I could enjoy a nice breakfast and lunch.

The Zaps aren’t bothering me as much, although they are still there. They are also less powerful than they were. I’m not tired and I’m not cranky. Doing pretty good.