Paxil Withdrawals – Day 5

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Last night I definetly wanted to fall asleep (unlike the previous night) so my wife gave me a sleep-aid tablet about 11:00 PM last night. Well, I slept like a rock and this morning it felt like trying to rise from a coma! I won’t take that again!

But other than being sleepy, I’m feeling pretty good. I haven’t had any of the nausia or mood-swings today. I was actually hungry and got to eat a pretty good lunch.

The Zaps seem less potent, or maybe I’m just getting accustom to them.

The hot flashes still seem to be sticking around, but my office is almost 80° F and I did just watch a music video / infomercial for power tools. This infomercial was produced by Benny Benassi and outlines the benefits of the 2-Speed Battery Drill, Masonry Drill, Belt Sander, Angle Grinder, Heavy Duty Breaker, Dual Action Saw, Orbital Sander, Manual Saw and Power Breaker. Too bad Black & Decker didn’t think of this first.