Miner 2049er

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No other video game in the history of video games has provided me with as much fun and good memories as Miner 2049er made by Big 5 Software. For more than a decade I knew what my high score was. I knew the pattern for each of the 10 stations in each of the 10 zones. I never did pass all the stations in zone 10 though, they move way too fast. I always figured that if I could pass the very last level, I would get some kind of bonus level — but I never did find out.

So today I was browsing the web and found the Big 5 Software web site complete with an emulator for both Miner 2049er and Bounty Bob Strikes Back! So now I’m busily playing Bounty Bob Strikes Back and loving every minute of it.

Long–Term Document Storage

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I have researched long–term storage of documents for qite some time. I certainly don’t have the time to go into detail here, but one very promising method is to store information in analog instead of digital — since digital formats change and obsolece over time. Now I’m not talking about long–term storage in the sense of 20 years, I’m talking about 1000 — 5000 years. Even that number is shy of the 10000 year goal that the Clock of the Long Now project is attempting to meet or the Rosetta Project. Both of these projects are facinating and interesting to read up on.

The best medium I have seen for long–term storage is that done by Norsam Technologies. By encoding in an analog format no special equipment is needed to access the information. A simple yet powerful microscope will allow access to the data. By employing a technique, such is done for the Rosetta Project, one can see that there is data growing smaller and smaller inviting the reader to look more and more closely at the data. No instruction manual is needed and the data won’t be overlooked because it is too small.

Two Words to Turn a Gay Man Straight

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This is a hillarious story, but I felt that it might not be welcomed by all the readers of my blog. If you are interested, you may decode the following section using ROT13 and read this true story. After a couple people read this account they called me and said that they didn’t understand. Let me assure you that I have included all the pertinant information. There are no inside jokes to help explain it. There is no additional background. It it what it is — and that is part of why it is so incredible.

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Vzzrqvngryl, Zngv’f uhfonaq, Fgrir, tenoorq gur cubar naq fnvq “Wbfu, V unir gjb jbeqf gung jvyy znxr nal tnl thl fgenvtug: ‘intvany syhvqf.’ ”

Gur shaal guvat vf gung Fgrir jnf 100% freevbhf naq zrag jung ur fnvq. Jr ner nyy fgvyy ynhtuvat nobhg vg.

White Box Robotics

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Remember the Heathkit robot, HERO? I sure do. I always wanted one of these things — wanted one bad. Well now White Box Robotics is introducing a new line of do-it-yourself robots this summer. I better start saving my money now.

T-Shirts I’d Like To See

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T-shirts have long been a canvas for messages — both trivial and important. Lately I have been thinking up fun things to put on them. Of course, they probably wouldn’t be appropriate for me to wear at work. If you have any others you would like to see, let me know. I have a guy in the T-Shirt Business and can probably get some of them made.

* I bring nothing to the table

* Employee of the month – Runner Up

* Employee of the month – Honorable Mention

* Comfortably Fat

* Insufficient Memory

* Will compile for food

* I’m a geek – but get sex regularly

* Slashdot Moderator

* Hot-or-Not Moderator

* I didn’t get the memo

* Would you like to see my Hard Drive?

* All your base are belong to us

* Someone set us up the bomb

* I made the Internet your kid uses

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