Fire Emblem :: Chapter 26, 26x

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Last night I finished out Chapter 26 and just for fun I had Nino go and talk to Jaffar – just to see what would happen. Well, it unlocked Chapter 26x which is pretty intense and hard. But I’ll share my strategy with Chapter 26x when I complete it.

To finish Chapter 26 I used two parties made up of generals and Hector, which took the western route and horse-ridden units on the East path. The horse-ridden units could move very quickly, making it all the way to the boss character before Oswin and Wallace could make it to the first tresure chamber on the West side of the map. I kept half the items from being pilfered by thieves, but some is better than none.

I continue to use Florina as a taxi, carrying whomever and whatever I need to troops on the front line.

Internal Memos

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This site claims to have the Internet’s largest collection of corporate memos and internal communications. They are, of course, somewhat funny. Check it out here.

Fire Emblem :: Chapter 26

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So far, I think that chapter 27 is my favorite (that’s right, I don’t mean 26) – although I have suffered massive casualties and not finished the level yet – but I digress.

My strategy for Chapter 26 is to split the party into three groups. One group goes East then South. Another group goes West then South. The last group acts as gofors for the other groups and are basically too wimpy to fight. Be sure to take one of the lords with you on the Eastern trek so they can talk to Nino and get another ally character.

It seems that both parties will meet near the stairwell in the South-West corner of the map where the boss character is. I then launch a dual-character attack on her (the boss) with Marcus (the Paladin) and Oswin (the General). After that, it is just cleanup work until the number of rounds have gone by for the level to end. All in all not a very hard level.

The Real Beavis!

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Chris Kemp, 37, seems to bear such a likeness in both apearance and action, that he is being dubed “the real Beavis.” Check out details here.

Fire Emblem :: Even More Chapter 25

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Unbeliveable as it must seem, last night I replayed Chapter 25 for the last time. I was able to not only defeat all the enemies on the map without losing any of my characters, many of them advanced at least two levels. Characters like Seera advanced 4 levels and Hector advanced 5. Marcus is now a level 20 paladin and for the most part is immune to attacks of all kinds. Oswin is a level 13 General.

Now on to Chapter 26!

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