OpenOffice Compatibility with WordPerfect

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Finally, I found some things that will convert WordPerfect files to work with OpenOffice! Sourceforge has a project to do just that! There is action underway to put a reveal codes feature in OpenOffice.

Microsoft Hall of Innovation

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I have had many discussions over the years about products that Microsoft has invented all on their own, and the aparent lack of them having any ideas at all. It is obvious that their strategy is to embrace, extend, and extinguish. There is a web site that lists all of Microsoft’s original ideas.

How To Become A Hacker

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After reading this article and another one written by Paul Graham, I believe that I am a hacker (not a cracker who breaks into systems).

Spam Filter Comparison

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Today on slashdot was a link to a review comparing several of the most popular spam filters out today. It used the terms Percision (which is the effeciency) and Recall (which is the percentage of spam that was classified correctly as spam). In essence, a Percision and Recall of 100% means it is doing a perfect job. Realisticaly, this is an imposibility (or at least extremely improbable) becasue in the end a human has to decide if each message is spam or ham. And humans can change their mind. Even the author of the article admited that one of the messages classified as spam he later decided was ham. A human has to ultimately pass judgement on the some of the messages that fall in the grey area. Anyway, it was an interesting read.

Spamassassian seemed to do quite well, which wasn’t much of a surprise to me. The test even excluded the baysian filters from the test which, if they were used, would have made its percision and recall very very good. On of the great strengths Spamassassin has is the human-made rules for tests. Because of reasons I previously mentioned, any filter whose precision and recall are ultimately determined by a subjective human, filters that want to be successful must employ some method of human-based input.

Funny Japanese T-Shirts

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